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Welcome to the Misfits Poker League

Misfits Poker League is the premier, free-to-play, bar poker league servicing the greater Las Vegas valley.

Misfits Poker League (MPL) provides a fun, safe, entertainment service to local bars and similar venues.

For No Limit Hold’em poker players, MPL offers a free-to-join and free-to-play poker league. You must be 21 to play. (Gambling is absolutely prohibited.)

Our league hosts nightly events at local bars and venues. Find out when & where here.

Each event consists of three concurrent No Limit Hold’em poker tournaments.

Players are awarded season points for showing up and playing and can earn additional points based on their finishing position in each of the nightly tournaments. Season points totals can be viewed here.

In addition to accumulating season points, winners of each game are awarded nightly prizes which vary by venue. These prizes include things like bar tabs, video poker free play, Misfits Poker t-shirts and swag, and tokens. The tokens are awarded to the top three point earners at each venue. Those Misfits tokens can then be accumulated for entry into local casino poker tournaments based on a tier as follows:

10 tokens = $80 tournament buy in
18 tokens = $150 tournament buy in
25 tokens = $300 tournament buy in

Misfits Poker League run season ending tournaments. Our seasons run as such: January through April, May through August and September through December.

Play as little or as often as you like, at one or multiple locations throughout the season to increase your point totals and your position on our Leaderboard here.