Frequently Asked Questions—Misfits Poker League

Q. Is it truly free poker for players?
A. YES! We are providing a free entertainment service at our sponsored locations! Always free for the players to enter our tournaments, although we strongly encourage tipping the dealers ($5/game is customary). At some events we might offer a dealer appreciation add-on for $10 $20 but is not required.

Q. Is there an age requirement to play?
A. The minimum age to play is 21.

Q. How long is a typical season?
A. The Misfits Poker League will run four seasons each calendar year. Seasons will typically be between thirteen and sixteen weeks long.

Q. What can I win?
A. Misfits Poker League players have the opportunity to win a lot of prizes, including cash, in a variety of different ways. Misfits Poker League holds nightly events at various locations throughout the Las Vegas valley. Each event consists of three single table tournaments. Points are award by order of finish with the top three players in points win a token to the Bar Poker Open. At many of the venues the top point earner also earns a gift certificate from that venue for future use. Total awarded points for each player count toward our quarterly invitations tournaments where the top 80% in points play for a combination of cash and prizes are awarded to the top finishers. Need more? The Misfits Poker League is an affiliate of the Bar Poker Open. The BPO is a national league that holds HUGE cash tournaments twice a year. Misfits Poker League offers BPO tokens as prizes at some our our events, which can be used to qualify for the BPO national tournament. Additional information can be found here.

Q. How does Misfits Poker League regulate /not regulate players with regards to Covid?
A. Misfits Poker League follows the State of Nevada guidelines and the rules of the establishments that host us.

Q. What if I’m new to the game, or want to bring someone with me that is just learning how to play? Will I/they feel comfortable?
A. Absolutely! We strongly encourage ALL player levels to come and enjoy our league. While it can be intimidating and expensive to learn to play poker in a casino, the Misfits Poker League provides a free, fun, and safe environment for all to enjoy.

Q. Is there a drink minimum at the bars where you have your events?
A. There is not. We encourage players to buy a beverage and/or food at the host locations but it is never required.